Sparrow Song Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sparrow Song Photography (Sparrow Song Photography) Mon, 27 Dec 2021 15:32:00 GMT Mon, 27 Dec 2021 15:32:00 GMT Sparrow Song Photography: Blog 120 80 Mr and Mrs Rankin's Wedding Day Sara and Tyler sat across from me at the little downtown pub, excitement gleaming in their eyes. We went over the final details of the day and they shared their hearts and hopes for their future. It's one of the biggest honors of what I do, to share in these moments with a couple - the anticipation of their commitment and the fulfillment of their hope. Walking through each part of the process, and then through the day along side the bride and groom, is like nothing else I have done in my life. I am so honored to be an intimate witness throughout the day of the love and life they share. 

Sara and Tyler, thank you for having me be a witness of your love and commitment to one another. I pray your marriage is surrounded and full of love, life and hope for the future. 



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David and Brianna Engagement Session I can't even believe it. The light. The love. For real, you guys, this shoot is one of the most wonderful things I've ever witnessed AND been a part of. It just may be to date the hardest time I've ever had narrowing down the AHHHHHHHmazing ones. So here are just a few, I'll do my best to keep from posting 50 images here. David and Bri, I love you guys. It was my honor to be with you in this moment of your lives. Thank you for trusting me with capturing your love. 


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Pathways to Beauty – Portrait Session Give Away and Story Contest!!

Today the light dawns clearly. Yesterday it did not. I think some days are just meant to be set aside for tears. There’s nothing to do about it other than to let yourself cry. It’s exhausting living in a world with unrelenting and powerful input. Yesterday I was tired. And I guess because I was tired I felt hopeless. I was surprised by the level of loving response that came from my little online community – and in the end I did get up, wipe my face, I turned on the soundtrack that a friend suggested and I ran. Actually I felt like I was flying. Today my legs are sore, but my heart is light and I remember – I remember my own dreams in the middle of a chaotic world. I remember that I have overcome so much, that I have fought so hard, and it is ok to be tired and need to cry sometimes. 

March reminds us that winter does have an end and that warm weather is oh, so close. In North Carolina we have perfect warm, sunny days followed by cool nights, still waking up with frost on our windshields. We have the promise of spring, of blooms exploding to life around us very very soon. If we will just hold on and wait a hot minute, the trees will sigh a deep breath of waking and burst into life. Not that they haven’t been alive, it’s just all been going on underground and on the inside. 

That’s how I feel about the last 20 years. All this growth and life has been going on inside and underground and there hasn’t been much to show for how hard the work has been, or that there has been growth in me at all. Not much that I can point to anyway. But I believe this is a season for all those inside things coming to the outside – finally. All of those perspectives that have shifted, all of the self doubt and codependency that was killed, all the trauma healing that has happened from living in a world with such hard edges, it is time to begin to see the blossoms and the sweet nourishing fruit hang heavy on the branches. 

This month I celebrate coming out of the long winter. Marching forward into the beauty and deep aliveness we have ached and longed for, the goodness that we have held out hope we would see. What I do know is that it doesn’t often look like we thought it would when we were in the dead of the dark night of our souls. I am holding out for it to be so much better than we could have dreamed. 




So in the month of March, I am holding a contest of sorts – I want to hear your Stories of overcoming. I want to hear what struggle or hopeless moment you courageously overcame, and I’m going to choose one to feature in my blog. The story of overcoming I choose will be featured with portraits from a photoshoot – gifted from me to you. I am in the mood to celebrate courage, to celebrate marching forward in the face of difficulty and pain, I want to celebrate your story, even if you’re still in the middle of it, even if you have no idea how it will end, or even if you feel like you somehow failed in moving through it perfectly… maybe especially then, because we need to be able to look at our darkest, inside winter seasons and see the beauty in the imperfection. I want to hear it even if you think – oh it wasn’t that big of a deal, or no one wants to hear that, or but it didn’t work out the way I wanted

I say, let’s take a look at your story, at all the angles and see it through a different lens, and learn to see our struggles as what they are – pathways to beauty. 

Submit your story to [email protected]. Be sure to put how you would like to be contacted. If you know of someone with an inspiring story, please share this with them and be sure to tell them how valuable their story is and how much we all need to hear it. 

I can’t wait to hear your stories. In the meantime friends, march on into beauty. 

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50% off gallery for Love Month! Horray for LOVE!!!!! Welcome to the Year of Happy Things!! 

You have known me as Sallie Mosely Photography, and now I am so excited to announce that I am now Sparrow Song Studios!
To celebrate the launch of Sparrow Song Studios, I'm thrilled to invite you to receive a new offer every month this year!! Hooray! Yippee!! Yahooo!!! This month's offer is 50% off your entire gallery of portrait photos when you book in February.

After the heart rending craziness of 2020, I think we deserve a year of happy things.

Sound good?

Great!! Here we gooo!!!

February's offer is dear to my heart. It is LOVE MONTH!!! So anything love related:

  • getting married love
  • family love
  • loving on newborns
  • Be my Valentine love
  • siblings loving on one another
  • grandkids loving on their grandparents
  • fur parents loving on their fur babies!
  • Dream big and whatever kind of expression of love you can come up with, we will make a session out of it and you will receive
  • %50 off the entire gallery of photos!

CONTACT ME to book your session now.

So, click here to message me to schedule your session or consultation.

And until then my friends, Spread the LOVE!


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Looking Back and Moving Forward 2021!!! It is a Happy New Year indeed! Thank the good Lord we are done with 2020! The end of one year and the beginning of a new one is always a great time to look back and reflect upon what we are thankful for, and look ahead to what the new year holds. So to honor this occasion, January is the month of Looking Back and Moving Forward!! #lookingbackandmovingforward <— (ok, maybe the hashtag is a TAD long.)

I’ll start :) 


Looking back, I am so thankful for my son, Arden. He was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease this year after having an adrenal crisis that landed him in the ICU
for a week. I can’t even begin to language my gratitude for the doctors, nurses, friends, and family that surrounded us through that time. There has never been a time when I have felt more covered and loved. My mind is still blown thinking about it. Now we are looking ahead to our new normal, living with Addison’s, and feeling so hopeful for a rich and beautiful future for our son. 


So that’s home — and now work life - 





I’m super thankful for this photography business. I’m thankful for every client that has trusted me with documenting their once-in-a-lifetime days, and the every day, ordinary moments. My heart swells with gratitude for the trust given to me and for the clients that have become dear friends. Looking ahead this year I am thrilled at what is to come. I’ll be sharing more details about that as it unfolds. But for now…





I want to celebrate this glorious New Year with a gift to you in honor of Looking Back and Moving Forward, 2021!! #LookingBackandforwarding ? (Haha, anyone have a better suggestion?)

So here’s the skinny. (yay!)

  • Returning clients get 25% off any purchase from a past session. Come on, admit it, you always meant to make that canvas or design that album, but your pictures are just living a sad and lonely life somewhere on your computer, right? (I know because I have literally thousands of pictures of my family I’ve never printed!) #leadbyexample (hahaha) In addition to the 25% off, you will get another 10% off when you refer me to a friend. Easy, right?


  • New Clients get a special welcome gift when you book a session of any kind. You’ll have to wait to find out what it will be! Exciting, right??!


Click here or at the top of this page and it will zip you right over to my website where you can contact me for a fresh link to your gallery. 


I’m looking forward to speaking with you!


Warmest Regards and hope for tomorrow,

Sallie Mosely


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What 2020 Taught Us This has been a crazy, unsettling, disconnected, not-ok year. What I believe 2020 was here to teach us is to take hold of what really matters. And when the day is done, what matters most to me is connection, intimacy, family - the people we love and lay down our lives for day after day. I had the chance to do a shoot with my kids and my sister's kids the week of Christmas. When my mother and I were looking through the images, we both fell into tears looking at their beautiful faces, knowing how proud and full my sister's heart would be if she could see them now - her kids and mine, growing into their vastly beautiful fullness. The last shoot I did with them was the year she passed, so it was time for an update. I miss and love you, Larisa - your children are growing into ever more spectacular human beings. I'm so honored to get to walk through life with them. 


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Introducing, Mr and Mrs Sain Luke and Nancy Sain danced the night away surrounded by their friends on a rainy June evening. We were all thankful that the rain let up for a few minutes so we could enjoy the gorgeous light and gardens at the church where they were married, and were able to give them a proper sparkler send off.  Luke and Nancy, you two are so loved and I can't wait to hear about all the adventures you two embark on together. Congratulations!! also, i'm pretty sure they have the best hashtag ever - #nsainwedding Love you guys!!

(Sparrow Song Photography) black and white photography bride charlotte wedding photographer emotional photography engaged family getting married groom lake norman wedding photography love luxury wedding photography man and wife NC portrait photographer nc wedding photography north carolina photography portraits sallie mosely photography true love veil and bouquet wedding dress weddings Fri, 28 Jun 2019 02:58:03 GMT
Mrs. Stacey Sheppard Stacey is bold and brave and oh so beautiful. She is fearless in front of my lens and it shows in these bridal portraits we did. Part of our session was a veil and bouquet boudoir segment and yowza what gorgeous pictures!! (you'll just have to take my word for it though) Thank you for the joy of capturing your loveliness yet again, Stacey. The honor is all mine.


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Luke and Nancy - love story When the weather was still frosty, Luke Sain and Nancy Arevalo called me up and asked me to be their wedding photographer, to which i so happily accepted - we met in a little cafe in Raleigh and got to know one another over a cup of coffee. A few months later they came to Lincolnton for their engagement shoot and I took them around to all my favorite photography spots, and then they came and ate at a little restaurant where i waited tables at the time. They got married this past Saturday, so in celebration of their love, here is a little more of their love story - it's all about the way they look at one another - it just melts me. Here's to you Nancy and Luke! Congratulations on your big day! Let the love continue to roll on! xo





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Mrs. Sain I have been anxiously awaiting the day I could share these gorgeous bridal photos. Nancy is a natural in front of the camera if I have ever seen one. I'll let the portraits speak for themselves. You're gorgeous, Nancy! Congratulations on your wedding!

(Sparrow Song Photography) black and white photography bride emotional photography engaged getting married head shots lake norman wedding photography love luxury wedding photography man and wife NC portrait photographer nc wedding photography north carolina photography portraits sallie mosely photography true love weddings Tue, 11 Jun 2019 21:09:39 GMT
The in-between Throughout the years of wedding cake, first looks, everyone throwing their arms up for the YMCA, tromping through the woods to find the perfect light, running off the beach mid-shoot due to a pop-up rain storm, and all the little moments in between, I have been witness to so many unexpected moments of connection and love. It is often in the in between that we find one another. This post is dedicated to every one of the friends i have made along the way that have given me the honor of being witness to their story. Here's to you.


(Sparrow Song Photography) black and white photography bride emotional photography engaged family getting married groom lake norman wedding photography love luxury wedding photography majestic mill weddings man and wife mountain weddings NC portrait photographer nc wedding photography north carolina photography portraits sallie mosely photography true love weddings Thu, 06 Jun 2019 01:50:11 GMT
The Stevens Family This sweet family won a mini session and the outcome was just to die for. I'm so glad I got to spend time with this lovely family out on our land in the soft morning light. It was a pleasure, Mary and Craig! I look forward to our fall session together :)

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Stacey and Scott Wedding Day It was an honor to be with Stacey and Scott on their wedding day. The tears and champagne flowed as friends and family gathered close to celebrate their love. Thank you for having me be a witness, you guys! Here's a glimpse into the day.


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Karen Lynch: New York Times Best Selling Author and All Around Awesome Person I met Karen at Amelie's French Bakery and Cafe on a lovely, sunny afternoon. She bought the lattes and the best, buttery, crispy, tasty pastry things I'd ever eaten. No lie. So good. Everyone should get to do their work sitting at the bar at a french bakery, clicking away on their laptop... well, only if you have a good deal of self control! Canadian born to large family, Karen moved to the woods of North Carolina where she worked as a computer programmer by day and pursued her love of writing by night. Karen wrote her first book at 14 years old and hasn't stopped writing since. She self published her first novel, Relentless, that turned into a series, that took off in the young adult paranormal world, and before she knew it, she was getting the call that her series had hit the New York Times Bestseller list!  This is an achievement for any author, and even more so for one who is self published. Now Karen is a full time author, and is working on companion books to the series. She loves to bake and has the two loveliest German Shepherds you ever did meet.

Karen was interviewed for InD'tale Magazine and appeared in their July 11th issue. If you're a fan of young adult paranormal stories, you have to check her out. Here's what we captured for that interview. To read the interview you can find it here.


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Military Homecoming with Michael and Carly Michael had been deployed for almost a year and word came late Tuesday afternoon that he was finally coming home. So Wednesday morning, Carly and their four year old son were camped out on the top level of the airport parking deck, nervous and excited, watching the elevator doors. Happy birthday and welcome home balloons whipped around joyfully in the breeze and bright sunshine. Every few minutes Carly checked her phone...he's landed!...he's at the baggage claim!!!.... He's getting in the ELEVATOR!!!!  And then he was there, holding them in his arms. There are moments in life when time slows and creation holds it's breath, witnessing a sacred moment. This was one of those moments. I can't stop thinking about it, the simple and profound beauty of connection. Carly, thank you for having me there to witness such a beautiful moment in your lives. I'll never forget it.

(Sparrow Song Photography) Mon, 24 Jul 2017 21:30:00 GMT
Thoughts on Connection and Genuine Expression

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Kim Zahren lawyer, extraordinaire There are some people that indelibly alter the course of our lives for the better. Kim Zahren is one of those people for me. We met in 2001 in a dark little music club in Charlotte, where I was the opening act for a New Zealander for which he had booked a tour. We became friends that night, and very soon he invited me to come lead worship for the church he pastored. Kim and his wife Roddie to this day are the most effective example of how to love I've ever known. They openly showed their love for me, inviting me in to their home, giving me a safe place to learn about worship and gently loving me through some very scary transitions in my life. Kim would often throw his hands in the air and joyfully shout out, "Sallie!" when I would walk into a room, like it was the best thing that had happened all day. Such open displays of acceptance were so foreign to me at the time that I asked Kim one day - "Are you being sarcastic right now?" He was of course, being completely genuine, and over the years of walking together (which included him officiating my wedding), I learned how deep that love ran, and it changed me forever. Love does tend to do that. 

I was thrilled when Kim asked me to update his headshots for him, as he is entering a new chapter of his adventure in Lawyering (that's a word, right?), and here are my favorites from our session together. You can bail me out of trouble any day, Kim!



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Mr and Mrs Hill The longer I take pictures, the more honored I become. To be a witness to love - genuine, lasting, deep and bountiful love - is a gift to me and I am so thankful for what I do. Clint and Tia, your wedding was beautiful, your love is true and I am so happy that to be a part of your celebration. This beautiful rehearsal dinner was at Majestic Mill Weddings venue.

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Dreamy Sunset Family Shoot - This is real life What a wild and beautiful ride it was to photograph the Mook Family Sunday afternoon at Jetton Park. The kids couldn't have been any cuter, they totally stole my heart. And although I'm sure it bummed Justin out to have to drive home to get the spare keys when Megan locked them in the van (who hasn't done that?!) it totally made my day because I was able to get some of the most beautiful shots of Megan and her babies on the beach. *swoon* I loved this warm and glowy session so much, and even though it had a couple hiccups, doesn't every beautiful and real thing in life?

This is real life, right here. Warm and glowy real life :)

(p.s. be sure you make it to the end, you'll be so happy you did! All the feels are at the end ;)





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TBT Let's Dance!!! It's Thursday people! So that means it's time to throw it back to my favorite things. DANCING is seriously my favorite, so here's some of the most silly, the most touching, the most lovely moments over the years. Everyone needs MORE DANCING in their lives!!! #TBT


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Getting REAL - baby steps Getting real. It sounds like such a good idea, like such a nice little sentiment. Lately I have been challenged on every front to stop hiding, to be even more transparent and GET REAL - especially in the area of my photography business. It's a scary thought, those two little words. It's a risk. Everyone might not like your... realness. Some may choose to go a different direction, hire someone else, or worse; not like your facebook page. ahh the turmoil.

The truth is, the more real you are, the more transparent and honest; the more the people that you really connect with will come your way. I believe this is true, anyway. So I am taking steps (even if they are little baby ones) to put my real heart out there and connect with the people that want someone genuine, someone that loves people, someone that wants your wedding day pictures to be even better than you want them to be. Hard to believe, I know, because we have such dreamy ideas of how our day will end up. Me? Full disclosure: I hate having my picture taken.

 HATE it.

Baby step #1. I feel awkward and stupid and at some point during the whole thing i want to cry. so, because it's hard for me, when i see the pictures; all i can feel was how awkward i felt during the shoot. Such is life. But I am learning to be more gentle with myself, to try and get rid of those filters that tell me not to be kind to myself and embrace the beauty that i believe resides in all of us. But because I must fight through this to have my own picture taken, I totally get how hard it is for others. I feel ya, sister. We'll get through it together, and at the end of the day, you (like me) will be so happy you did it.

Anyway, in an effort to take things below the surface, my second baby step of the day is a new bio. It just makes sense that if I want to hear Your story, (and i DO!) I must be willing to share my own. So... This is me, in all my 3am writing fury. Enjoy :)


follow the arrow -----> -------> SALLIEMOSELY.COM <---- fun story inside <----------



photos courtesy of Sarah Deshields of Enowen Photography

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Allison and Matt - love on a rainy afternoon It was the hi-light of an otherwise dreary day, to get to spend time with Allison, Matt and their precious baby boy, Luke. Our time together was filled with laughter and soft baby sweetness. We opted to stay out of the rain soaked grass and fought the Pokemon seeking crowds downtown. Thankfully the clouds parted, baby Luke smiled, and a wonderful time was had by all. I'm looking forward to your big day, coming soon!!


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Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman

I was so happy when Aniyah asked me to do their wedding photography. I met Aniyah at the starbucks counter inside the Ingles in our hometown. Her warmth and smile were captivating. I'll never forget the Sunday morning I was on the road early on my way to lead worship and I stopped by the Starbucks, She was working that day. I took the warm cup with overflowing gratitude, (me and early mornings do not mix) but driving away, my cup slipped and the entire contents of my grande americano fell into my floor board. Anyone that knows me, knows that there will be no singing till the starbucks is had. So I turned around and drove back and when she smiled at me and said - You're Back! - I told her what happened and then I busted into tears. Yes, again, anyone that knows me is not surprised by this, but I didn't know Aniyah, we had just met, and before I knew what was happening, she was around the corner of the counter and she threw her arms around me giving me the most reassuring hug. Then she made me another cup of coffee... for free. We have been friends ever since.

Aniyah and her husband Joel met in school eight years ago at a toga party. They have gone from friends to husband and wife and have begun this part of their adventure together across the country in California. Joel is heading off to conquer the wilderness and all it's beauty. And Aniyah?... well, i'm sure she will just  continue to fill the earth with grace. Everyone who knows them will miss them both so much. I am so honored to have been part of their day and a witness of their love. Aniyah and Joel, I pray the Father pour out his love on you and keep you and bless everything you pursue.

Here is a tiny sneak peek of their wedding day, so many more to come. 

(Sparrow Song Photography) Thu, 28 Jul 2016 03:50:38 GMT
Love on a Sunday Here are more shots of this gorgeous couple. I can't get enough! Enjoy, Mark and Deanna 


(Sparrow Song Photography) Thu, 02 Jun 2016 15:16:19 GMT
Deanna and Mark Today, against all the weather forecasts, turned out to be a lovely day for a wedding. I had the privilege of capturing the day for Mark and Deanna - and just couldn't go to bed before posting a tiny little sneak peek into this sweet and hilarious couple's faces. There's more to come, but this for now. Thanks guys, it was an honor to be present with you today. 

(Sparrow Song Photography) Mon, 30 May 2016 05:15:06 GMT
Michelle Michelle has been my friend for many years now. We have walked together and witnessed one another's lives as we have grown and deepened in faith and life and love. Michelle is one of my very favorite people and so it is always a pleasure to photograph her. She is an accomplished author and walks with women through the birthmother side of the adoption process. Michelle travels and shares her harrowing journey of being a birth mother herself and speaks life and hope over women all over the country. 

Michelle, you walk in greatness and beauty, don't ever forget it. 

Here are some of my favorites of the shining light that is Michelle Thorne. 

(Sparrow Song Photography) adoption birthmother head love portrait shot Wed, 20 May 2015 20:52:22 GMT
Nic and Rachael Nic and Rachael Billman are heros. Real life, honest-to-goodness heros. They live in Brazil with their 6 children and have given their lives to the rescue and rehabilitation of prostitutes and victims of sex trafficking and child sex trafficking. Nic wrote a book of stories of their first two years in Brazil called Between The Flowers And The Broken: Stories, Songs, And Lessons From The Streets Of Brazil - do yourself a favor and check it out. I had the honor of doing a photo shoot with them while they were with us at Threshingfloor for the past two weeks recording their next worship album - keep a look out for that as well! Here's some of my favorites of this beautiful couple. Thanks guys! I'm so glad I got to know you and I'm looking forward to going to the "real south" to check out what you guys are building there. All my Love!!!


(Sparrow Song Photography) Sun, 17 May 2015 21:44:22 GMT
Holy Matrimony Batman! Everything about Charley and Taylor Lane's wedding day at The Hall and Gardens at Landmark was action packed and perfect, right down to the super heroes hiding in the flowers. Everything from the comic book paper boutineers to Charley's comic book shoes was exquisitely thought out and executed. The day was fun and elegant and the atmosphere was delightfully sweet, as could only be expected from these two. This was a truly unique day and I am so thankful that they asked me to be a part of it. Charley and Taylor, you guys have made a place in my heart and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you. I pray your marriage is everything you've dreamed and more, and that you guys have a wonderful start in the Bahamas!! 


A special shout out to the lovely Sweet Sarahbelltheir wedding planner, and The Halls and Gardens at the Landmark for making their day so elegant and beautiful. 

(Sparrow Song Photography) Landmark batman bride comics groom love north carolina photography weddings Tue, 03 Jun 2014 05:59:59 GMT
Laughter and Tears Maggie and Brett Haight know what it means to celebrate love. They laughed and cried together each in awe of the other as they stared into the eyes of the one who had fought for them, and won it all. There was a thrill and a sigh of relief when they saw one another for the first time, and more tears and more laughter. Love is worth whatever it takes to finally stand together, hand in hand, and hear those words… You may kiss your bride. Brett and Maggie, I pray all the thrill and passion and grace for you - enough to fill the ocean and more. I love you guys, keep pressing in. 


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family love How time flies. Waaaaaay back in the day in ancient times when i was in high school (at Rosewood High - go Eagles!) i knew a lovely girl named Angela. Fastforward a couple decades (or so) and here we are - families, kids, homes and doggie pets. I had the honor of photographing Angela's family when I came to do her equally lovely sister's bridal portraits (stay tuned!). She's just as lovely as she was way back in our Eagles days. Here's the tiniest of sneak peeks. I hope you can see all the heart and warmth i encountered when we had our brief reunion. 

(Sparrow Song Photography) family kids love north carolina old friends portraits rosewood high Wed, 28 May 2014 02:55:14 GMT
out-takes and silliness So don't let anyone ever fool you, you only have about 5 minutes - count them FIVE - to get a picture of a toddler. i thought for a few giggles i would post the out-takes and a few more of my little models. In between shots, chloe and arden rolled down hills and wrestled their baby brother and made general ruckus - and then while i was getting the last shots of the day, we all kept a wary eye on the little lion man who was wandering off across the field. it was a fun day in the afternoon sun. 

Not entirely cooperating, He eventually did get away… and ran across the field.

This one of Chloe holding him down with her knees makes me laugh out loud every time i see it. She pinned him - way to go Chloe! Just wait till he's big enough to pin you!!!

Ahhh, the bliss of being a kid. Nothing like a good hill roll. Nothing at all.

 And then because they are very obliging children who love their camera toting mama dearly, they let me take a few more with the sun setting behind them. What good sports they are - and they worked it.

My sweet little Arden. He makes my heart melt with love. i am so honored to be his mommy.

I asked Chloe where she learned to stand that way - she said she was born knowing how. Lucky me :)  i guess she's the one that taught Arden. i love them so.

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a moment in the sun if you blink you miss it. all the little moments, the joys the frustrations, the impossibility of remembering what life was like without them. these are my treasures. my darling chloe-bird, sweet arden who loves so easily and my little lion, Leo. The last moment i snatched in the sun with them was when Leo was 6 months old. He'll be 2 soon - i'd say it was high time i took them out to the field. i want to remember every moment. i'm so thankful for every moment in the sun.


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A Lovely Lady Donna Early is one of the greats. She makes great kids, for one, (love you jacob!) and she is an author, works in ministry and teaches. She's one to get to know. She was telling me that once a month she interviews someone "older than her" and just has them tell their story. This is one of the greatest things we could ever do - share our story and give ourselves to really hearing the stories of others, especially those that have graced this planet for many decades. She's brilliant and loving and it was my honor to photograph her. 


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BJ and Lisa Sullivan - Take Two I was so happy to do a second shoot with these guys. BJ and Lisa Sullivan are full of life and beauty and traveling near and far to share the love of the Father through their worship. You can check them out and hear their music HERE. But first, take a look at how pretty they are! :)  



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After the smoke clears - you find gorgeous pictures! Babies are the most wonderful thing on the planet. I would know, I have three. My oldest baby is 9, hardly one to be swaddled but still loves to be sung to. After having my last baby, 19 months now, I decided to put down photography for a while. It was time to focus on other things, plus I had a job for a couple years leading worship at a church and there was just no way I could do everything - don't let anyone lie to you and tell you that you should try. So, with a few tears I laid down one of my very favorite things, and focused on my most favorite things - my family and music. 

My darling baby boy is quickly approaching his sweet and tender two's and, no longer working in a church, I am free to pursue this passion of mine - telling people's stories with pictures. Oh, how I love it!!! I'm rested, refocused and ready to go. So, if you had trouble reaching me over the past two years to nail down a booking, fear not, I'm back on the scene and ready to come document the sites of your life :) (see, what a catchy little name)

I did a select number of shoots for some of my dear friends - here's a few shots from those sessions. 

Here's my lovely Songs of Water pals, who are currently in Australia on tour!! (not jealous at ALL)

Katie and Josh, you two are the sweetest ever - everything about your day, right down to the Jesus Storybook Bible quote during your ceremony, made me remember why I love documenting weddings!! "And they were Lovely because He loved them" -- oh tear my heart out!!! so beautiful :)


This is my lovely Lindsey-bird and her baby to be...

My Lindsey bird and her little baby to be

My friends Dave and Kathryn on their day - what a perfect afternoon glow to go with their wedding bliss :)

These are a few from my most beautiful sister and her family. I love her so.


Ok, Ok, i know - too much beauty - ahh, but i'm not done yet :)

Here's Ben and Heather for their engagement shoot (the son of my doula! I just had to do their pics!!)

I also threw in some head shots for the lovely Elisa who is one of the violinists for Songs of Water, and musician (and friend) extraordinaire 

what a smokin hot beauty.  and last but not least, my beautiful, fierce, rock and roll author-friend, Michelle. She's an inspiration and a true kindred spirit. We shot these for her website and book launch. She's amazing - here she is.

To all my lovely friends and family who I have had the honor of documenting these past two years, thank you - I love you all, you are so precious to me. I look forward to this next season of telling your story. you can check out my website at or call me @ 704-691-4963 to book a free consultation. 

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